Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Next Issue Is Ready

Hey all,

So a few days ago, I got Paul's art for Issue #3. It's a big first for us, in more than one way. It's our first holiday centric issue. It's our first one-pager. It's our first use of color (don't worry, b&w fans, it'll make sense when you read it). And perhaps most importantly? It's the first time we actually see Preston filming. Yup. Won't get details for a while on what their film's about, nor will the real story arc kick in for a while, but this is going to be the starting point for some major on-set comedy. Filming is very... stressful, so I guess you can say that the arc already did begin. Either way, there is a lot of good stuff to come.

Since the third issue is done, I could release it right now, but it's so so holiday specific. On any other day, it would be an "Oh, ha, ha, cute" but on March 17th, it'll be special. Here's the first image of one Mr. Preston filming.

Yup, that's seriousface he's got there. He's in the zone.

So Laugh Track returns March 17th, and we'll go monthly for a while after that. So yay? Yay.


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