Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laugh Track #2

Today, Inauguration Day 2009, history is made. Barack Obama becomes the first African American President of the United States. To honor this day, we take a look back at the trials and tribulations he went through to win the Presidency. Oh, and also, he and McCain fuck up Preston's filming schedule.


Laugh Track #2
Written by Patrick Shand
Art by Paul J. Hollingsworth

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We'll be taking a month off, but check back on SAINT PATRICK'S DAY for the third issue of LAUGH TRACK

The site will be updated with Preston and Jacey's blogs weekly until then. And hopefully Liam, if he can figure out how to turn the monitor on.


  1. Great issue, Pat. I loved the Angel reference. ;)

    Liked the art here as well, especially on the close up's of Palin and on the third page.

  2. Woooo, this issue was great as well.

    I don't know where the Angel reference is ;(, but well done anyway!

  3. "Show the clevage, say the line" is what the director of Cordy's commercial said to her in late Season Two.

  4. Hey, Pat. I liked it, too. Can't wait for the coherent story-arc to kick in. (Also, I didn't catch the Angel ref until I read the comments, but man, that's good soup.)

    - Jack