Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hey interwebs,

Filming has been hard. I'm supposed to score the fuckin' thing, but Preston wants me to be on set for every scene, to get a feel for the tone. He has one character with a speaking role, so I don't know how fuckin' complex he things the tone is going to be, but hey. He's Preston.

I don't like Preston.

But what I do like? New media. All sorts of badass shows, like LOST are now so much better because they have these little webisodes to add to it. Ever see that one where they have Jack's dad telling Vincent (cute little dog) to wake Jack up? That really introduces the series nicely.

Sorry. Tangent. That happens a lot when I don't take my meds.

I'm not much for writing blogs as I am for reading them, but I knew I had to give you guys the heads up on this. You know that dude Pat Shand? The guy who wrote/created me/tortures me by making me spend time with Preston? He's also doing this other webcomic called The Epitaph Trilogy. You can read the first issue over at the Epitaph myspace blog. Don't miss it, it's fuckin' sweet. Sometimes, I wish I were starring in that comic as the corpse so I wouldn't have to deal with Pres's bullshit.

But yeah, I'll give you a bit of info on the comic, right from the horse's mouth. Pat Shand is horse in question.

"The Epitaph Trilogy is a webcomic about undying love, corpses, crazy priests, and a bunch of other zany things. Here's the break down. When Roxanne was alive, Tristan wasn't a very good husband to her. But now, he's getting a second chance... only things are a bit different. Roxanne has been resurrected via Black Magick, but she's a bit more zombie than woman at the moment. Will the two lovers finally bond while they're on the run from a fanatical priest who wants to put Roxanne back in the ground?"


It doesn't update as often as our comic, but keep an eye on it for new stuff. It'll be on the blog roll on the side, so you can't miss it.

Don't tell Preston about it, though. I'm afraid he'll want to adapt it into a movie and try to bury me in the ground and make my climb out. Fuck.

Gotta split.

Signed, nobody's bitch,


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